404 is Back!

New release, new approach!

After a long sleep we are back with the fourth iteration of 404, this release is called RIPPA. (Haha rip your device). RIPPA means perfection in Japanese and this is what we thrive to achieve. We have rebased over CAF for the best optimal performance, efficiency and reliability shipped straight to your devices with our in house tweaks for a good UI/UX. We’re always open to your feedback and suggestions so make sure you join our community groups and stay in touch, we’ll see you around!

Let’s talk about the new features first!

- We merged the November security patches so that your data stays safe in this online world!

- Quick Settings are the most frequently accessed component of a ROM. So in 4.0 we have tweaked it slight to look prettier and convinient. We also added options so that you can customize it to your liking.

- Our original Sammy 404 lockscreen clock, is back!
- 404 style volume panel is back aswell.

- We believe that gestures are one of the core factors in making the user experience more seamless and hence we've added some new ones to the lot!
- Swipe down with three fingers to take a screenshot; as simple as that, coupled with Android 11's take on screenshots, it makes for a much easier workflow!

- We know how annoying it can be having to pull out your phone to just to skip through tracks while you're on the go, which is why we added volume button playback control. You're gonna appreciate it every single time!
- You can also adjust the length of gesture bar to whatever suits your style. Oh, you can 404 it too :)

- We've also added long-press to control torch, just for that one moment when you need quick access.
- You can now fine tune the behaviour of gestures according to your likings, no more accidental inputs (trust me, some of us really needed that).

- Network traffic monitor makes its way into the release as well, we know how oddly satisfying it is to watch the packet flow.

New stuff coming in further releases :) Stay tuned!

Not so cool but still notable changes!

- Various backports from AOSP Master branch for those sweet performance improvements.
- Updated SQLite so that our users can benefit from fast storage speeds.

Devices getting 404

With the release of RIPPA, we are adding support for:

- Asus Zenfone 5z (Z01R)
- Redmi 5a (riva)
- Xiaomi Pocophone F1 (Beryllium)
- Xiaomi POCO X2/Redmi K30 (Phoenix)
- Xiaomi MI 9 (Cepheus)
- Xiaomi MI 9T Pro (Raphael)
- Xiaomi MI 10 (Umi)
- Xiaomi MI 10 Pro (Cmi)

Help us grow this list, get in touch to register your interest to get you device.


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter account for any updates.


Go flash it now!