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Holiday season release!

Relax, relax, we ain't skipping on the gifts (haha). The 404 Santa Sleigh has arrived with a bunch of gifts for all of the community! RIPPA was an exciting release, with loads of in house goodies and features. We're continuing the same with our special holiday season release! We went through your requests and feedback (yes, they reached Lapland). Read further to find out if any of yours went through.
Hop on the P404 sleigh for the following goodies:

New Features!

- Do you want to switch to compact or a more organized volume panel? You all know what we are pointing towards, don't you? Yes, POSP volume styles are merged into the source so that you can vibe with whatever suits your style.

- Always On Display while charging is in the business. No more having to pick up the phone from your desk to check time and notifications!
- Why should Clock be boring? We've implemented a custom Clock app with material design goodness. Setting alarms has never seemed so appealing!

- We've tossed in some new holiday season static wallpapers alongside our new live wallpaper. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the snowflakes dropping as you sip through!
- Able makes its return so that you can prepare playlists for the new year bash. Don't forget to share your favourite tracks with us!

- Per-app network isolation makes its way into our source so that you can disable internet access via Wi-Fi or mobile data for those specific bandwidth-hogging apps.
- We've also updated Quick Settings and system icons for a breeze of freshness. Yes, we understand Android's default ones were getting a bit boring.

Bug Fixes

- We've squashed the bug related to multitouch input when trying to do a 3-finger swipe for taking a screenshot.

Not so cool but still notable changes!

- We know how annoying it when a background app restarts despite all the horsepower in your phone. AOSP master backports which improve memory management to help with such scenarios are merged this release.
- Some general performance-improving patches have been merged as well. Feels as smooth as skating on ice!

Devices Supported

With this release of RIPPA, we are also adding support for:

- Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

Help us grow this list, get in touch to register your interest to get you device.


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter and Telegram account for any updates.


Now Go flash it!