No Date? 404 got you!

New Year, New release!

Well, we missed the new year’s release by a month (blame the exams!). However RIPPA continues to rip 404’s essential features. This time enjoy your valentines with the new 404 release. We went through your requests and feedback. Read further to find out if any of yours went through. Go on and enjoy the feature list while eating your valentines chocolate ;D

New Features!

- Our inhouse programmers were so engrossed in their work we made an IDE clock! Enjoy this exclusive clock customisation straight from 404.
- Introducing our new redesigned and clean settings menu icons.

- Always want the latest? We merged the latest CAF tags so you can enjoy the stability and performance straight from Qualcomm.
- Sweet animation when using Face Unlock.
- Status bar clock customisation are here, see your time in a new and improved way.

- Now see your awesome music playlist via ambient music at the bottom.
- 6 brand new wallpapers made with love by 404 :D
- We've also updated Quick Settings with a brand new revamped interface. Enjoy the new QS!

- Able got updated to the latest version to squash all the major bugs. Don't forget to share your favourite valentine’s tracks with us!
- Aggressive battery saver makes its entry so you can get through the tiring day at the office and still have some juice left in your device.
- Introducing our new cute AF mascots. Hope you like them :)

The never mentioned changes!

- SQLite updated to its latest version, enjoy the racecar-like performance
- Some general performance-improving patches have been merged as well. Feels as smooth as skating on ice!

Devices Supported

With this release of RIPPA, we are also adding support for:

- Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Gingko)
- Xiaomi Mi 10T/Pro (Apollo/Apollopro)

Help us grow this list, get in touch to register your interest to get you device.


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter and Telegram account for any updates.


Now Go flash it!