Rippa the Android S goodies!

Meticulous March!

Hola amigos! You already know what to expect, don't you? Haha. Continuing what we strive for, we're back yet again with another exciting release! But this time, there are a couple of exclusive goodies which we're sure you'll love!

Dive in to the changelog ;D

New Features!

- We've adapted the quick settings media player design, for that clean material design look while maintaining the functionality and informativeness!
- The settings page from Android S also makes its way to RIPPA! And boy-oh-boy it looks absolutely stunning!

- You can take a glance over your mobile data usage right from the quick settings panel. Keeping a check on daily usage just got a little bit easier :P
- For all those who have de-googled their lives, we now fully support microG out of the box.
- We understand that sometimes you just wanna take a look at the notifications from the lock screen. Hence, we've added a swipe to unlock option for face unlock users. No more annoying bypasses yay!

- A clean new FOD animation that you'll appreciate every time you'll unlock your phone. You can thank us later.
- As usual, we're adding 3 more custom wallpapers with this release. We love those, and we're sure you'll love them too.

- Clean custom Fingerprint On Display icon.
- Introducing our Brand New Download site! Hope you like them :)

The never mentioned changes!

- Enabled LTO (Link time optimization) for that extra juicer performance.
- Tweaked around some components for better performance and memory management. This is always a bonus, isn't it?
- Fixed issues with the network traffic indicator and made some improvements while we were at it.
- Miscellaneous fixes here and there.

Devices Supported

With this release of RIPPA, we are also adding support for:

- Xiaomi Mi 9T/Redmi K20 (davinci)

Help us grow this list, get in touch to register your interest to get you device.


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter and Telegram account for any updates.


Now Go flash it!