RIPPA with pride?

RIPPA with pride?

Yessir, the fourth installment of RIPPA is here.
You might've seen some sneak peaks if you're susbcribed to our official telegram channel (if you're not, you're missing out on exclusive previews, so do it now!).
As usual, we're rolling out builds with a lot of fresh stuff.

Let's dive into the changelog ;D

New Features!

- You can now show off 2 brand new Android S inspired lock screen clocks. You can't have enough of good lockscreen styles. Its based on Android S design but has a 404 take on it ;)
- The much loved 404 volume panel is back, but with refinements to make it look even better and compliment Android 11! We've also added tint style which makes it look even more amazing.

- Sprayed some pesticides over Able, some annoying bugs should be gone. No one should be dealing with random things while vibing to their favorite tracks.
- We're baking the vanilla builds with new apps, including calculator, etc.

- Hertz it up: For devices with refresh rate higher than 60hz, you can now select from the supported refresh rates by going into display settings. Save battery or crank it up, you choose your flavor!
- If you love our inhouse wallpapers, then do checkout the wallpapers app after updating to 4.4, wink wink ;)

The never mentioned changes!

- Latest CAF tag, which brings in a bunch of systemwide improvements, has been merged.
- Master backports which bring in performance and memory management improvements are on the board, you'll notice them for sure! We'll squeeze every bit of performance out out your phone, promise!
- Miscellaneous bug fixes here and there.

Devices Supported

With this release of RIPPA, we are also adding support for:

- Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (platina)
- Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet)
- Xiaomi's Miatoll Series

Help us grow this list, get in touch to register your interest to get you device.


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter and Telegram account for any updates.


Now Go flash it!