Beach Please! Tokui Time

Beach Please! Tokui Time

Oh hey, long time no see? Yeah, we were enjoying some vacay at our nearest beach. No seriously, ain't any excuse (cough). It's good to have a refresh once in a while, which is why we're bringing the same vibes with the release of tokui - fresh release based on up-to-date CLO source.

The same ideology and craftsmanship you expect from this project, we don't need to repeat it again, you know it we know it. ;)

Take a splash as you run through the wave of changelogs, there might a bit of sandy stuff in there (get it?), but there's something for everyone. Let us go through the fine print & nitty gritty.

New Features!

- Switching it up! The new 404-styled toggle inspired from Android 14 is here. Tapity-tap, flip flap - ok no lame ones anymore.
- Improved volume panel with enough options to make your head spin.
- A new wall for topping it all!

They'll ring a bell

- Quick access to torch by holding power button - hail all the cave explorers hehe.
- For 5G users, keep an eye on your daily data tracking. You can ensure to not run too many speedtests.
- From the older times, pulse and ambient notifications provide a delightful way of visual alerts.

- Cycle through precise, approximate or battery saving GPS modes right from your quick settings
- Statusbar tuner to tuuuuuuuuuune it to your likings preferences, kill that pesky icon!
- Smartspace, so you can be as productive as you want (not that it helps us but okay)

- Quick glance to your notifications with double tap to doze. Trust us, having it not on always saves battery life.
- Snap it before it's gone, three finger swipe screenshot lets you capture screen content effortlessly accross the system!
- Quick unlock & face unlock, because who has the time?

- Lockdown mode button for added security
- Non-GMS builds will embrace the new Material you design. We heard you vanilla users!
- Switch to autobrightness in a blink, right from the quick settings. Useful, isn't it?
- Camera and flashlight utility on lockscreen, yet another way to access them.

- Lockscreen media blur so that no one can judge you for your genre preference.
- Improved performance across the board.

Performance Pack Upgrades!

- Some Master brickports make their way into our organization to help improve the system efficiency and speed. Experience the ludicrous speed. ;)
- Merge it all: The latest tags from CodeLinaro have been pasted on the 404 source. Translates to latest security patch, enhancements for your Snapdragon devices. Haha yes.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes here and there.

Dive into the calmness, get a drink from the shack and whack your phone with the latest official builds rolling out soon!

Signing off!


Head over to our website and download to taste the freshly baked builds coming for a device around you soon!

That's all folks for this release see you in the next one. Feel free to drop your suggestions feedback on our official group. Please check and follow our Twitter and Telegram account for any updates.


Now Go flash it!